Pochade Box HD

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Product Description

A pochade box is a compact, portable painting studio in a small box. "Pochade" is a French word meaning "quick (color) sketch".

Traditional pochade boxes were characterized by simple elements: A hinged lid which functions as an easel, the middle half as the palette in a slide out drawer and storage in the lower section.

Box mounts on your tripod by a 1/4" threaded insert on the bottom of the box.

This Box made for a 9" x 12" canvas in the tracks, but also has an adapter for clamping a smaller canvas pictured is a 6"x8". Made of Pine, Birch, 1/2" for the sides and Front bottom, 1/2" back for better strength for the screws with 1/4" Birch veneer plywood for the top and bottom. Heavy duty hinges, two latches on the front for latching, bottom insert for tripod mounting, stopping blocks to support the lid while open. 1/8" plexiglass inside the palette for easy clean up. Rounded edges and unfinished so you may paint it to your own Design.
Outside Measurements are 13 1/4" Long, 10 1/2" Wide, 5" Tall main box , 11 3/4" Wide including the stops.
Inside Measurements The Base 12 1/4" Long, 9 1/2" Wide, 1 1/2" Deep (2) 4 1/2" Wide sections.
Slide out Drawer 11" Long, 8 1/2" Wide, and 7/8" Deep

Pochade Box HD


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